Simply, Your home

Green City Homes, the stunning residential project seamlessly integrated within the bottoms of Wayanad's misty hills. A grandeur of 53 exquisite villas that harmoniously blend with nature and make you feel at home the whole day. With 31 captivating 2 BHK villas, 21 charming 3 BHK villas, and a single opulent 4 BHK villa, each home offers you a truly magical and blissful abode.

Nature is Luxury

A harmonious blend of modern amenities and the beauty of nature. Nestled just a few kilometers away from bustling city, it provides residents with the luxury of pure air, serene landscapes, and easy access to essential facilities, making it a picturesque sanctuary where you can rediscover joy and tranquility in the midst of life's happenings.

Extra ordinary people deserve extra-ordinary spaces

A home is your extra-ordinary space where you relax, eat and sleep. You wake up and go to work here. We design the spaces at green city home with exactly this in mind. It is your captivating space for a creative life. Every day needs are met with surgical precision and super luxurious facilities.

Nature comes home, every moment

Not the other way. Move your curtains to the sides, let the fresh air and light flow in. Open your doors and relax on your lovely balcony with a tea to forget the stress and embrace mind-boggling calmness. Your home can be your vacation space. It is a lovely new experience.

The best for the best

At home, we use the best materials and fittings to create the best of the outcome from every moment you live here. Beauty is one aspect of our design where as quality is paramount. Wonders happen when we imagine great and settle for nothing less.

True to the Utilitarian Priniciple

Built on our core principle ‘Designed for Life’, home brings in utility aspect under one roof. Designed with connected rooms and inclusive spaces, Greencity Homes meet all your daily life utilities seamlessly. One open house converted into exclusive space provides you with the best of the best living scenarios.





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